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videogame proyect with some friends

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default videogame proyect with some friends

Post by Chilean Count on Sun May 03, 2009 1:21 am

Some friends of my university and me we thought why we don't make a 2d plaform game with Bowser like the main character with Videogame Maker?, the ideas came from anywhere and we selected the best ones. The story it's the next one: A large army of humans under a command of an evil genius named Dr.Blackworth finds a warp that leads to the Mooshroom Kindom and starts a havoc in their seeking for oil and other not renovable sources, Toad Town it's destroyed, Peach it's kidnapped and Bowser Jr too, Mario and Luigi are missing so Bowser it's forced to save the world into a journey that leads to the Earth and other worlds as the Hell, deep space, Army Men World and more. We start when Bowser it's kicked out of his castle by Dr.Blackworth. I choose backgrounds and music for the levels taking them from other videogames and more places (thanks to google)..... sadly we won't release this game to the public, by now
The play mode it's similar to Super Mario World in fact it's based on it, at least with the level selection. The enemies are sprites has been taken from various games like metal slug, megaman, etc and created ones or modified (like doom monsters, tan palete colored soldiers from metal slug and so on)
Some backgrounds and music samples are shown in the next list
Las Vegas
Simcity Societies music - Capitalist 1
New York :
music Driver 1 (PC-Version) Soundtrack - New York
music: Army Men Sarge's Heroes 2 OST: Stealth
Atacama Desert:
music: Worms World Party Music - Desert
La Moneda Palace, Santiago de Chile:
music: Twisted Metal 3 - Egypt Soundtrack
Machu Pichu
music: Army Men Sarge's Heroes OST: Bathroom
Chernovil Nuclear Power Plant:
music: Return to Castle Wolfenstein - SS elite guard assault -music
music: Return to Castle wolfenstein - Action! (music)
Silent Hill 4: The Room - Your Rain:
music SimCity Societies OST - Cappuccino Clouds:
music SimCity Societies OST - March of the Obedient

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