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Bowser: his highschool years (Bully parody)

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default Bowser: his highschool years (Bully parody)

Post by Chilean Count on Wed Feb 04, 2009 10:50 pm

Bowser:His highschool years
We had known Bowser in Yoshi island story as a baby and in the most games as an adult, but how he looked like as an highschool studient? this story tells his adventures in a Bullworth-like Academy School, how he get there and how he survived there. (told as a videogame gameplay)
The story starts when Bowser's father, Morton Koopa tells to his son
Morton: Son, you have done well till this way, i am very happy about your califications and stuff but there's a problem.

Bowser: Wich problem?

Morton: I am afraid that i have to send you to Blackcastle Academy School, the best private school in this kind of matters. You have done vandalization, robbery, bike joyride and bullying, it's time to learn something new from the profetionals, my dear son.

Bowser's mom: No arge about this, you are going there and it's enough.

Bowser: I knew you where a babe

Morton:Watch your tone, son. You are going there next week, the vacations are over

... the next it's story

Welcome to Blackcastle Academy

Bowser:"Yes, Blackcastle Academy it's the place where richies and no so very rich bad asses goes to learn something about "urbanism" and that kind of bullshit. Well the school was a bit close from my parent's castle but i had to sleep there, sadly. Anyway, that didn't mean that was no fun.My parents took me there, and yes... all had begun, I had 15 years old".

Morton:This is your new school since now.

Bowser:So what?, it looks like a Huge castle, full of retards.

Morton:Those retards will be your class mates, your grandpa studied there, then he become a prefect and was a teacher there.

Bowser: So? that happened almost 60 years ago, dad.

Moron: Good Bye son, and behave. The Head Teacher's office it in...
Then a prefect apears
Prefect:You must be Bowser Koopa, the Principal it's waiting for you, follow me.

Bowser:"I had a first look of the school in that moment, i thought there everybody was retarded but what i can say?, i saw kids bullying others, or beging chased by prefects, etc etc. And too many different uniforms. The head teacher looked like a creepy old man koopa-dragon (i am a koopa-dragon, if you don't know) with a funny cowboy hat and a nice mmm tie thing in this neck.

Head teacher:You must be the Koopa Prince, huh?. Wellcome to Black Castle School Academy, I saw your records and you scare me, vandalism, robbery, bullying, violence against authority... but you are here to learn and be a true good behavied boy. It seems that you are very strong.


Head Teacher: Huh?

Bowser:Yes, sir.

Head Teacher:My name is Mr.Spikeson. If you don't keep that mouth clean i will clean it for you!.

Bowser: "The dorms were in a really huge biuldging that had more of 300 rooms, my room was in the first floor, the room 54 and i had assholes for roomates. Their names where Jimmy Hophills and Tony Vurcetti.
Jimmy Hophills were a prepie as me and Tony Vurcetti a sissy nerd. I hadn't problems when i get into the biulding and then i met them.

Jimmy Hophills: You must be the new kid, Bowser Koopa, right?.

Bowser:All right, finally someone who can talk, no one greeted me back all this way.

Jimmy Hophills: That's because you haven't any respect from the studients, you can be famous outside the school but here, you are just somebody else.

Tony: Hehe, yes. Kinda, welcome to the school.

Jimmy:He is Tony Vurcetti and i am Jimmy Hophills, nice to meet you (shakes hands with Bowser)

Bowser: "We went to the cafeteria to have a general look of the studients groups, first and bottom of the school studients where the nerds, then the prepies, the greasers and the jocks WHO USED TO BE BLOCKHEADS. I sat betwheen Jimmy and Tony in the prepies area, and then i realised that i was with new richies or no-brained old richies. I knew that i had to put some brawn in those useless brains of all the studients so i decided to become the bullyiest bully of the school!.
The school autorithy were, at first of all of the piramyd the teachers, then the prefects and the Principal Staff.
Tony showed me the school and i noticed a trophy that once upon time belonged to my grandpa and it sayd " The best prefetc of the decade 1938 Robbert M. Koopa.
I used to avoid the nerds but soon i understood that if I wanted to be respected i had to be know by helping or bullying anyone, so i went deep into nerd bussines, belive it or not, i haven't another choice."

*Bowser looks to the prepies and talks to Jimmy*

Bowser:They are straight different us, they look silly, what's wrong?

Jimmy:Most of them are new richies and trust me, they haven't the sence of begin old rich

Bowser:I have an idea, i should try to take over all the school but first i have to start from the beigining. I have to start with nerd bussines and so on.

Jimmy:It's a good idea, but everybody would make fun of you if you are with the nerds.

Bowser:Bwa ha ha ha , that's the point i will knock out all of them!

Timmy: Go and try it!

Bowser: Evil or Very Mad

Bowser sits with the nerds and finds out that they are playing with cards thas has images of monsters and such

Bowser:What are you doing?

Ramdom kid: Look!, he the Koopa Prince, isn't it?

Bowser: Yes, i am.

Ramdom kid: My name is Oswald, why are you spending time with us?

Bowser: I just want to know what's going on, that's all.

Oswald: Hey, Bowser!, i think that you can help us.

Bowser:With what?

Then another kid named Pete replies

Pete: It's about the chess club, man. We are having problems with the jocks, they are alwais causing trouble. Last year, they thrown stones to the participants in an important chess game!. And we wanna a revenge

Bowser: Revenge, huh?, sounds good.

Pete:Try to screw up their soccer practice, but first. You need to dress like a jock before they knock you down.

Bowser: And, you have something to give me if i do it?

Pete:Playing cards

Bowser: I mean money, no that blank with that you are playing

Pete: Ok, what about 500 coins?

Bowser:Fine then!, you all will have your revenge.

Bowser: " I felt really stupid helping those nerds but i had to, as i sayd before. First i started with annoying the jocks, that would gived me some respect afther all becouse those fools where hated by all the other studients".

Bowser goes to the gym boy's locker room and watches the jock Black Castle soccer team. The he sneaks into and hides into a locker. There some guys rushed to go outside screaming like maniacs, then Bowser spots some clothes of his sice

Bowser: I wonder if this clothes would fit me *tryes it*. Ok, it's not my style but here i go.

Bowser goes to the the court and notices that he came just in the right time becouse one of the players was missing. So the coach asks Bowser wat are he doing there.

Bowser: I am the new guy and i am here to reemplace the other mmmm dude.

Coach: Fine then, what's your name?

Bowser: Bowser Koopa!

Coach: You!, go to the defence!

Bowser: Ok!

Then Bowser it's placing cone that will be used for a dribbling exercise
Bowser tooks off from his shell a firework and hides it under a cone.

Bowser:They are gonna be scared to death!, better keep going like nothing happened.

Then he goes to the line and waits, then a guy who aproaches to the cone it explodes and the guy jumps scared then the firework does a second bigger explotion

Bowser: LOL! owned

Coach: You gotta be kidding! why did you do that? came back here!

Bowser:Come and get some, punk!

Bowser grabs Mr. Lurkton from the knees and tackles him to the ground, then Bowser punches his face

Mr.Lurkton. Hey, leave me alone!

Bowser.Get ready for a knock out!

Thne some jocks chases Bowser and he kicks the face of one.

Bowser:Gotcha! *grabs the arm of one and pounds him to the ground* IT'S TIME TO GET FLATTENED!

Some minutes afther the entire team is knock out of severaly injured, so Bowser walks outside like nothing happened

Bowser: A team of 10 jerks to knock out it's kinda easy.

Next Chapter:Nerd bussines or Greasers' deal?

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default Re: Bowser: his highschool years (Bully parody)

Post by Chilean Count on Tue Feb 17, 2009 9:22 pm

Chapter 2: Nerd bussines or greasers's deal?

Bowser: "Hitting a teacher was the most intence thing that i had done that year. I felt like i ruled the school but the peace wasn't forever, it lasted when 2 or 3 prefects chaced me along the corridors,i tried to beat the crap out one of them but i get busted, but they needed like 8 prefects to stop me. Do you think that i had been expelled for do such a thing? no really, hehe, money can buy anyone that you want... if they need it"

Mr.Spikeson: You went into a class that you hadn't to be and you beated the FISICS EDUCATION TEACHER? and struggled with the prefects, that's no good for you. I am afraid that you can be expelled of this school but, i can do an exeption. I know that you are rich....

Bowser: My dad owns it but he can do for me a favor.

Mr.Spikeson. I need money to expand the Library....

Bowser: Anyway, can i go now?

Mr.Spikeson:Yes, you can but remember that you are on my watch, so behave.

Bowser walks from the Principal's Office and when he walked in front the boys bathroom, a voice calls his name.

Voice:Hey, yo Bowser!.

Bowser:Who's there?

Then a yoshi that wears a lether jacket and sun glasses who has a well hairbrushed hair apears and stares at Bowser by the while but then he speacks

My name is Tony Bosher, one oof the greaser's faction liders, you must be Bowser Koopa, the koopa prince, huh?

Bowser:Yes, i am. Why you are asking?.

Tony Bosher: Awesome, we the greasers are having troubles with the preps, those brainless richies and maybe you can help us.

Bowser:Bussines is bussines and you need money if you wanna me in.

Tony Bosher: What about 10 coins? all fresh

Bowser: Ha!, you must be kidding, 10 coins isn't enought to me. You can't buy nothing with 10 coins, neigther a plunger!

Tony Bosher:Why you would buy a plunger?

Bowser:Who made me sayd that?

Writter:Me, lol!

Bowser: -.-. what a moron!

Tony Bosher: Forget him, listen me. I only can give you 10 or 5 coins,you know. Sorry, it's all that i have but i can get 200 coins just for you soon.

Bowser:A deal is a deal, what do you want?.

Tony Bosher: Those damit prepies likes to mess with us, the greasers. Here you have a slingshot and attack Phil "Jester" Koot, the main guy who causes to us trouble.

Bowser:With a slingshot?, i prepher a glass bottle to smash it on someone's head, but this is ok.

Tony Bosher:Great!.See ya soon, don't ya?. I can get more jobs from me if you answer some public telephones that are scatered around the school, those will have a note placed there by an adhesive tape with instructions.I must hurry!.

Bowser: Blargh?, what a weird dude for sure!.

Bowser:"I took my first class in that school and it was, chemistry with the teacher Mr.White, one of the most interesting teacher that i had. Well, we started with trying to remember all the chemical symbols and names and that was boring as hell. Ramdomly i mixed some cheminals and i created little stink bombs and such.Mr. White punished me with aditional homework becouse i broke the rule about don't touch the cheminals without the teacher's permition. I had to investigate about that scientist named Podton O'Toole (He was the scientist who discovered the utility of the arsenium as a poison to control rats and began an industry with it in the Mooshroomkingdom, he died poisoned by that element, sad, isn't it?).
Afther the class i decided to walk by the biulding and a public telephone rang, so i answered it"

*Bowser answers the phone*

Bowser:Hello?, who's there? *notices a paper placed with adhesive tape in the phone*

Tony Bosher:It's me, Tony Bosher!.Francis, that chamaleon like nerd needs to be slamed to the ground,Bowser. He will gonna to tell to the Chief Prefect that i where cheating in a math test.He has to be sent to sleep by the while, Bowser!. That nerd needs a lesson to don't mess with me!. The instrucctions about where you can find him are in the paper and the money

Bowser finds 20 coins and reads the paper

You can find Francis in the Library, the nerd's turf.

Bowser: *hangs up the phone* What i should do now at first? Ok, i should attack Phil "Jester" with my slingshot jeje, let's roll.
Bowser:" I only had one thing in my mind, i thought to my mom that guy up with the slingshot so i kept walking to the boy'a dorms. And figure it out! i find him there!!"
Bowser enters to the boy's dorms and looks at his dorm's door. There he looks at this right and sees someone's back. A big koopa guy who it's talking with a prep
Unknow dude: Man, had you heard it? Eh, "Jester", that Bowser it's here. You know
Phil: Let me check him out! *turns back at Bowser* Hi!
Bowser shoots his slingshot at Phil
Phil: OW! You are crazy or something?
Bowser punches Phil in the face and laughs
Bowser:Show me what you got!
Phil: It's time for a beatdown, new kid! *Then pushes Bowser and tackles him to the ground, there Phil punshes Bowser's face*
Bowser:Good for nothing, scumbag! *pushes Phil away with his feet and stand ups with a single jump* I am stronger than you and i can proove it, yo thug!
Phil: *Punshes Bowser in his belly but Bowser counter attacks with a powefull punsh at Phil's face, knocking him out "
Bowser: I have to finish you with a poundcake! *Poundscakes Phil and grabs Phil's head but he stops* I can't do this1, i can kill this fool.
Bowser: *I can be cruel and evil, but a murderer, oh hell no! i don't like to stain my hands with blood afther all. I am not insane... look, maybe i can't control my anger sometimes, but i wouldn't kill anyone, no way"
Then some preps came afther Bowser and 3 of them shouts
Stop that! you 'll kill him! is enough! what kind of looney are you!
Bowser:Bwa ha ha, fear me little scums!, you need a beatdown and you are gonna get it for free! ROAAR!!
Someone must stop this jerk! Hey, guys lets get him!
Bowser: 3 on 1 is unfair but i am gonna take you all! understood!
3 preps starts to attack Bowser and they are koopas, but they get K.O so fast due Bowser's attacks
Bowser goes out of the dorms and walks thowards the library, then 2 prefects spots him and starts to chase him.
Prefect 1: Stop right there, boy!. You are gulty due by violence in the school!
Prefect 2: I am gonna get you!
Bowser starts to run thowards the library and pushes another prefect away of his way
Prefect 3: You are gonna regret that,boy!
Bowser: Damm! this is enough! why?!
Bowser gets into the library and climbs a gigan bookcase
Bowser: Phew!, their aren't gonna get me here. I need more strengh to climb this thing up! Must..... need..someone.. in my body (Super Mario and Luigi RPG 3's reference)
UNKNOW: I can give you that strengh, do i sound like i am inside your brain?
Bowser. Huh?, well kinda.Who are you?
UNKNOW:Don't worry i am here to help. Let's take a look to your leg muscles.... ok, i can do a little favor. You need power to those legs, dude!, but it seems that little jolt things can do that....
Bowser: WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN' ABOUT!?, how you can do that "little favor"
UNKNOW: I am just a voice in your mind, but i can do anythig for you. *does something then Bowser starts to climb faster*
Bowser:Whoooa, thanks buddy!
Unknow: You are welcome, my "friend"
Bowser: I am listening things! that's no good!. *Reaches the top of the bookcase* ok, i am here.
Bowser looks down and sees the prefects running everywhere but then they give up.
Bowser:Wimp worms!, they couldn't get neighter a cold! Bwa ha ha, let's see where is such Francis here.
Bowser looks down again and sees around, but he can't find Francis, so he walks to another side on the bookcase.
Bowser: Where he cane be now?, oh that's it. He is talking with a prefect.
Francis: I know something interesting, someone cheated in a test and that's ....*get's hit by a stone thrown by Bowser's slingshot*
Prefect: Who's that? who did it? reveal your face!
Francis: Who did that stupid-wimpy-attack!
Prefect: Over there! it's the koopa prince!. *Points at Bowser*. Good for nothing, eh rich-tard?. Come back here!
Bowser: You are a retard? i knew it when i had seen you by the first time! *jumps and lands on a table breaking it*
Bowser: Try it, fool! *Tackles Francis*
Francis:Mercy! please, have some mercy! don't hurt me, i am on meds!
Bowser: You wanna cry?, cry! *grabs one of Francis's hands and twists it*
Francis: *cryes *Leave me alone, you big bully!. Please, i beg your mercy!.
Bowser:Cry a bit louder, do it!, i can't hear you!, now listen to me!
Francis: *Cryes louder then Bowser pushes him away* You are a big bad brute, bully. I had nothing to do with you!
Prefect: KOOPA! you are coming with me!
Bowser: Francis, remember Tony Bosher?. Don't say nothing about him, or you are gonna kiss my fist!
Francis: OK OK, I SWEAR IT! LEAVE ME ALONE *Pees himself leaving a pound on the floor*
Bowser:That's disgusting, yuck!. RAAAWR *Francis runs away*
Prefect: You are busted! *Bowser get's busted*
Bowser is sent to the principal office and there Mr.Spikeson awaits for him
Mr.Spikeson: Please, sit down. You where kinda bussy struggling with prefects, huh? one of them, who you hitted a bit hard had gived up recently, and maybe he needs therapy. What do you have to say to his family?
Bowser: I don't care, he messed with me and got what he deserved.
Mr.Spikeson: Your struggles against the prefects has to end, Prince Bowser and i heard that you have a kind of anti-social behavior against your school mates, bullying them.
Bowser: It's not my fault that i am stronger than them....
Mr.Spikeson:You must protect them, make them feel confortable with you, as any studient!, they only want to give you a warm welcome, but you only replied with a cold counter attack with no reason. What we can do now about it, son? is your first day, and you are messing with the rules so early. Your dad wouldn't be so happy about this...
Bowser:You can fool me!, this place is full of bullyies, maniacs and retards! that's not a warm welcome at all!
Mr.Spikeson: Ma boy, listen to me. You have to go with the Chief Prefect, he will teach you something about discipline.
Bowser: Ok, old man. i mean, ok sir!
Bowser goes to the Chief Prefect's office
Chief Prefect: Let's see what you can do while your detention, *searches some paper in a folder*. The cook need a bit of help, Bowser. She needs a friendly hand who can help her with the lunch. Go there! right now!
Bowser: " The cook Mrs. Charlotte were a bit disgusting creepy old toad woman who was known to be a retired teacher of black magic, i have to say that i learned some tricks from her, but that's another story that has to be told in another moment, but soon i met her i found her duty a bit interesting"
Mrs.Charlotte: Come here and don't be shy, get in into the beautyfull world of high class cooking!
Bowser: What?, whatever. What i can do now?
Mrs. Charlotte: You can cut those 20 carrots into small cubes, with this butcher knife. Had you ever heard something about black magic?
Bowser:That's easy. Did you say black magic?
Mrs Charlotte: Yes.
Bowser: My mom is a dragon- koopa witch and she taught me some basic tricks along my life, she says that i have great magic powers that i have to discover but i dunno if that's true
Mrs Charlotte:It's true, you are like a gold mine of magic powers, you just need to find the "true way".
Bowser: The "true way"?.
Mrs Charlotte: I have to find it out the meaning and how to follow it *pokes Bowser's chest* and i can give you clues. Your hearth is just the key to start.
Bowser: My hearth?, a key?. How?
Mrs Charlotte: Don't worry i am here to help you, meet me afther school out in 234 Golden Tree Street.
Bowser* cuts some carrots* Ok,then.
Mrs Charlotte: I haven't any child, i am infertile and i concider all those kids who helped me here as my own childs. But you are a very special one.
Bowser: Really?
Mrs Charlotte:Your hearth is full of anger and rage against the cruelty of the educational system, don't you?. and the life seems to be don't fair to you?
Bowser:How you know that?
Mrs Charlotte: I am trying to be friendly with you, you just need a parental figure in this cold place named Black Castle Academy School. My child, you just fell in the right hands.
Bowser: What are you talking about?, are you crazy or something?
Mrs Charlotte: I just give you a hand and do whatever you concider is right, i am here to...
Bowser.....Help me. Ok, can i go now?
Mrs. Charlotte:Yes, you have maths it seems, i can read it in your mind.
Bowser: " The nerds were angry with me, and the greasers just gived my some congratulations. They gived me a deal to help them and the nerds begged for my help in their bussines. I needed a brake, truly"

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default Re: Bowser: his highschool years (Bully parody)

Post by Chilean Count on Tue Mar 03, 2009 9:54 pm

Chapter 3: A magical help to survive the school
Bowser: " The maths class were really boring that day, we kept doing algebra probles like for the whole 2 hours and the teacher Mr.Squarehead (a creature that has a block for a head and body, their name are "blockbons") had an australian-like asent"
Mr.Squarehead:G'day, everyone!
All: Hi, teacher!
Mr.Squarehead: I see many new faces here, and *points at Bowser* you must be the new celebrity here, eh?. Welcome!.
Everybody laughed but Bowser dosen't seem to be happy with the joke
Bowser: *Shows his teeth*, I have to talk to someone who really has a "blockhead"?
*General laugh*
Mr.Squarehead: Let's hit the walkabout of algebra, there's nothing more interesting in maths than this! here i have something for you *writes with a chalk on a blackboard*
59+8= 90x-20-2
What's the answer?
Bowser: x= 2 i can proove it with..... *shows that he had done in this copybook*
Mr.Squarehead: Nice! that's it! but that was pretty easy, isn't it? lets see if you can apply this to geometry!
several minutes afther
Bowser talks with Jimmy Hophills
Bowser: Finaly it finished, man. It was boring as hell!
Jimmy Hophills: That was fine, if you where drawning stuff
Bowser: Bwa ha ha, true! *shows a cartoon in this copybook where Mr.Squarehead are going to be squished by a bulldozer*
Jimmy Hophills:That's funny, lol. See you! i have to take my spanish class
Bowser:Oh wait, spanish? i am going there too! lol, it's your first year here?
Jimmy Hophills: Yes, so we are classmates in all the subjets huh?
Bowser:Right! oo, who's the teacher?
Jimmy Hophill: Is Mr. Leopoldo Guzmán, it's sayd that everyone hates him due the punishes that he gives to everyone who dosen't pay atention and it's easy to get those, becouse he is very boring.
Bowser: A tough spanish dude, huh?. He will make us run in front of a bull or something?
Jimmy Hophill: That happens in the Earth, the human world, not here but you belive in that leyend, about that world is real?
Bowser. It's a nonsense, i had heard about it when i was a child, but it's just a story to scare children.
Jimmy Hophills:Yeah, who can live in a poluted world anyway?, what the hell it's that they call "global warming?","nuclear meltdown?" human nonsense, that's all!.
Bowser:Peach it's a human, you know. The mooshroomkingdom princess. So "they" are real.
Jimmy Hophills. That's the only thing that we know, forget it!.
Bowser:That's true, better let's forget it. *looks at the spanish classroom door*
Bowser:This is the place, let's get in
Bowser:" Oh, Mr. Leopoldo, a weird spanish speaker old koopa who had a huge white mustashe and spats for shoes, well ....".
Mr. Leopoldo: Hola, queridos estudiantes, los estaba esperando
"Hello, my dear studients, i were waiting for you"
Bowser:" Tu culo es grande" what does it mean? it's written on all the blackboard*he just finished writing it on the blackboard with a chalk*
"Your bum is big"
Mr.Leopoldo:You!, sit down there.! Don't say nothing i didn't asked for it.
All:*general laugh*
Bowser: Ok.
Mr.Leopoldo: Bowser, you have to write an essay about the conditional mode in spanish!, for the next class!
Jimmy Hophills: I told you Bowser *sits next to Bowser*. Don't mess with him
Bowser: I messed with a prefect, and a teacher, i can deal with him *rubs his right fist*
Jimmy Hophill: *wispers* are you crazy?, you can be expelled!
Bowser: Just shut up your mouth!.
Then afther some classes and the school's out time came, Bowser goes to Mrs Charlottes' house wich is near to the school. So Bowser walks towards there and then, he rings the doorbell.
Mrs.Charlotte opens the door
Mrs.Charlotte: Get in my child!, do you wanna some pizza
Bowser:Ok, thanks. What's the deal?
Mrs.Charlotte: I am working in a magical potion now in my kitchen, i am going to tell you something...
Mrs Charlotte:This is a love potion, my child. I am in love!, and i can give you some but i need ingedients.
Bowser:Wich ingredients do you need, i can go for them.
Mrs Charlotte: It's dangerous, you can get in a serius trouble with the police
Bowser: There's nothing i can do?, c'omon i can do it!.
Mrs Charlotte.Breack into Gold Cross's Drug Store and get some medicines from the storage room wich it's in the back of the store. Make sure that no one spoted you. If someone does it, don't say nothing about me.
Bowser:Ok, miss. I am leaving now.
Mrs Charlotte: Wait, my child!. *hugs young Bowser*
Bowser:Oh, why did you hug me?
Mrs.Charlotte: You know why.
Bowser:What a weird woman!, lets see where's Golden Cross Drug Store,*runs into the school and then crashes with a prefect, a dragon koopa*
Prefect: Look where you are going, kid!. You can't run like that anywhere, and make a path!
Bowser:What's wrong sir?, did you lost something?
Prefect:No, kid. I didn't. *walks away and then spots a guy who puts someone into a trashcan* YOU COME BACK HERE!
Bowser: This place has some issues! *walks towards the statue that has the shape of a star that's holded by a crown under it in the main entrace plaza*. It says "Eternal Star and the Mooshroomkingdom royalty love to it's people"....
Voice: Hello, Bowser Koopa!
Bowser: *turns back and sees a dragon koopa girl who stares at him*, who are you?.
Girl:My name is Clawdia Bobrown
Bowser: Oh, hi there. Do you know a way to go to Golden Cross Drug Store?
Clawdia:Yes, i do. I worked there
Bowser:Help me, i am gonna follow you *runs afther Clawdia*
Clawdia:Follow me, this way! *runs to the main entrance and then to the left, towards a corner and points at a sign*. This is Hotwood Road, next to the Kloyd's Book Shop, it's the drug store. Good luck!.
Bowser:*runs towars there and then climbs a fence*, there's the place, let's roll!
Bowser croushes and does a shell spin towards some crates smashing them.
Bowser:Whooa, i am a powerhouse of destruction!, lets see if those crates has what i need. *Looks around and sees some medicines* Well, time to take some with me!, this is so easy *hears a cop car siren*
Bowser: Daamm!, some called the cops, let's get out of here *runs into the drug store smashing down a door and then, bust out the main door to run towards the school
Toad policeman:You!, stop there kid
Bowser:Shut up, big jerk!
Then Bowser goes to Mrs.Charlotte house, and she gets the medicines in her hands.
Bowser:Uff, there you go. I am in real troubles, the police is chasing me
Mrs.Charlotte:Hide in my backyard, now!
Bowser does it and then, goes to the school. To his dorm
Bowser enters to his dorm and the phone rings, is Mrs.Charlotte
Mrs.Charlotte: Are you ok?, all of those medicines are for a magical help that i am gonna give you.
Bowser:Really?, how does it work?
MrsCharlotte: That dosen't matter, you will see.
Bowser hangs up the phone and goes to his bed
Bowser: Mom, Dad. Why i did get into this place? *falls asleep*

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default Re: Bowser: his highschool years (Bully parody)

Post by Chilean Count on Sun Mar 08, 2009 10:47 pm

Chapter 3: Young Fawfull, Crackletta and Francis unite?
Bowser:"Oh, with just saying Fawfull's name makes me sick with all the blank that he had done to me. I met him before and he were the faction lider of the nerds with Crackletta as his secretary girl. Well, she were so... crazy about that ugly little bastard Fawfull"
Bowser tooks of his soccer clothes and goes to his chest of drawers
Bowser: I have here spikes, pendants, shells and uuh rings (warning: that was a Mario and Luigi RPG 3 spoiler reference) *looks himself at the mirror* my horns has to be abrightened, where's that wax that my mother gived to me by mail?, *finds it* ok, here is *with a rag abrightens his horns and then he changes his shell with another*. I look good today!
Bowser watches his shedule for that day
Bowser:Biology, Art, Phisical Education, Chemistry again, Magic and Spanish? I DIDN'T MY HOMEWORK!
He runs outside the dorms biulding and goes to the library, there finds young Fawfull who is carrying a pile of books
Bowser: Get out of my face! *pushes Fawfull away causing him to fall and drop his books*
Fawfull: Look where you are going!. That's the most impolite thing that someone can do! damm! *stands up and picks up his books* why i have to be the target of all bully in this school?! i have fury!
Bowser: Keep that trash with yourself, don't bother with me or you are gonna get real live nightmares.
Fawfull: Just show some respect to other studients and "don't spread mustard on sandwishes" arround "fo-fellow"!
Bowser: WTF has to do mustard and sandwishes with this?
Fawfull: You didn't get it?, be polite, bad Butt.
Bowser:Just take your crap with you and go away. I have a homework to do. Spanish.....
Fawfull: Really?, woooa is one of my favorite subjects amigo!, i can give you a hand with it
Bowser: Thanks, weirdo kid. Let's do this
*afhter some minutes*
Fawfull:Easy, isn't it?.
Bowser: *closes his copybook*, yeah, a bit.
Fawfull: And now, get lost nya ha ha ha.
Bowser: Whatever, i am out of here *goes to the Biology class but a bit late*
Teacher: Bowser Koopa, you are late to your first class, we are going to start to study the brain
Bowser: Something that Francis haven't, isn't it?. *everybody laughs exept Francis*
Bowser:Hey what?, are you going to piss yourself once again? i am so scared!
Francis: Just leave me alone.
Teacher: My name is Jenkins Floydbert K. As you can see, i am a yoshi so i have to say sit down, Bowser.... The brain is the most complex organ of all, in fact no one knows exactly how does it work, but it seems that cheminals does it but the process is quite unknow. Please write down
"The antique civilization of the "Gazagores" (an antique civilization of toads) figured out by the first time what's that thing that the animals and people has inside the head, so they had done the first anatomical studies in toads, koopas and yoshis that were war prisioners to give that question an answer without even find a clue.
Many years afher, the scientist Theodor Flatrom, discovered the conection that has the brain with paralisis and mental deseases and the electricity involucration in the nervious sistem thanks to his experiments with dead goombas". There's a name that i will say: " Katie Kootie", who was that person?
Someone: a whore, lol!
Bowser: A lab asistant, maybe?
Mr. Jenkins Floydbert: RIGHT!, and what she had done?
Bowser: Mmm, while she has doing an anatomical disection she aplied electricity to a dead koopa arm's nerve, and it did moved.
Mr.Jenkins Floybert:GOOD!, and why she is very important?
Francis:becouse she was the first yoshi woman to publish her study in 1745
Mr.Jenkis Floybert: Well done!, this is the homework, you have to do an essay about Katie Kootie and what we can learn from her. That's all, lets continue....
Bowser:*burps* that's an underground message! *laughs*
Mr.Jenkins Floydbert: Ow, so we have a rebel or something like that here, isn't it, prince Koopa?
Bowser: Just continue with the class, sir.
Mr.Jenkins Floydbert: Ok, right. The braincells forms the brain.....
*some minutes afther, Bowser goes out and gets on the way of a dragon koopa prefect*
Bowser: Oh, hi sir. How's everything?
Prefect: Hi! everything seems to be in order. Don't do that i wouldn't, Koopa. You look great today with those abrightened horns.
Bowser: *keeps walking and finds Fawfull who is reading the newspaper*.
Fawfull: Ah, Bowser. The news says that the production of steel increased a 20% more than the last month. To the army this is great....
Bowser: And you read that?, you have no life.
Fawfull: My dad is the editor of "Toadtown's Voice" newspaper.
Bowser: I don't care.Everybody is someone when you are professional.
Fawfull:Riiiiight, nye ha ha yaaay!. I heard that you have plans to take over the school, isn't it?
Bowser: Yes, how you know that?
Fawfull: I heard that from Jimmy Hophills. Well, i have the same plan.
Bowser: So we are in the same plan?, we should team up
Fawfull: Brain and brawn do not mix, i mean i don't team up with bullyies like you... you hurt Francis' feelings
Bowser: Oh, that jerk.
Fawfull: The bullyies terror has to end, and i am here to stop it. Do you know Crackletta?, she is my..boss
Bowser:Who is she?
Fawfull: She is like the female version of a jock, she is very strong and she protects me.
Bowser:You are so weak, a girl has to protect you. If i was you, i would be embarrased. LISTEN EVERYBODY, I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT FAWFULL!
Fawfull: oh no *tryies to escape but Bowser holds his arms*.
All: *laughs*
Fawfull: Eeek!
Bowser: *pushes Fawfull making him fell to the ground* Oops, don't trip with your own feet, dude!
Fawfull:You push me, wild!
Bowser: *kicks Fawfull a bit hard* Did this hurt?
Fawfull: Please, stop that!.
Some jock: Haha, lol man!
Bowser: *stand ups Fawfull and shouts at his face* BOO!, go away blank boy!
Fawfull: *runs away*
All: *laughs*
Then Tony Bosher, the greaser, apears
Tony Bosher: You showed Fawfull your strengh, nice!. But there's something about Crackletta
Bowser:She?, but is just a girl!
Tony Bosher: She is very strong and the leader to the girl bullyies in the school, Bowser!. Recently she owned two jocks with just a single powerfull and all mighty slap to the face.
Bowser: I don't belive that, if a girl has to stop a boy they need to kick straight to the balls, and that's they do.
*Crackletta apears with Francis and Fawfull who has a big evil smile*
Crackletta: You are Bowser, right?.
Bowser: Right, i am!. *looks at Fawfull* that's your pimp or something else?
Crackletta: I don't take kindly jokes like that but yes, he is a wimp
Francis: Bowser, you should don't bother with her. If you know what's good for you!
Crackletta:SHUT UP FRANCIS!, i respect Bowser a lot, he is the Koopa Prince and someday he will become a King and you Francis, maybe you will be the CEO of a software company in a "Valley- like" place with a funny name (hehe reference to Bill Gates and Silicon Valley) or who knows that.
Bowser: That's a good point, lol.
Crackletta: If you want to impress me, you must become the bullys' faction leader and put out that Busselli, the Buzzard.
Bowser: Busselli?.
Crackletta:Do you ever stop making questions?
Fawfull and Francis: HA HA HA HA HA
Bowser: GRRR, watch your tone, you are talking with a member of the Royal Koopa Family
Crackletta: We will met again, Bowser. Be sure about it *walks away with Francis and Fawfull*
Tony Bosher: I told you, she loves to mess with everyone.
Bowser: She is a freak.
*then Bowser turns to the right straight to a corridor*
Bowser: I have a foe in my plans, but no one are going to screw mine plans up!, no one!!
*Bowser goes outside during the recess and then he finds Oswald, nerd koopa*
Oswald:Saludations, Bowser.
Bowser:Oh, hi!
Oswald:How's it going, huh?.
Bowser: Everything seems to be ok, if you ask me. Who is that Busselli?
Oswald: Oh no, you wanna find him!?, are you crazy?
Bowser:Calm down, Oswald. This dosen't matter to you, the only one who would be hurt would be him or me, not you.
Oswald:But.... he can knock you out!. Seriusly, don't bother with....
Bowser: Oswald, i sayd it so this is my bussines, not yours.
Oswald:You can see him arround the Boiler Room in the basement, it's his favorite place. It's a bit dark there and watch out avoid the steam pipes!
Bowser:Thank you for that information.
Oswald: I lost my "Magical Monsters" playing cards bag, i can't find it anywhere, can you help me?
Bowser: Ok, it has your name on it?
Bowser:Good bye!, i must shake a leg.
*Bowser enters to the main biulding's hall that has a huge golden stair and then asks to a boo prefect where's the boiler room*
Prefect: You can't go anywhere, kid!. That place is forbidden for the studients by security matters.
Bowser: And maybe some kids gets into the place without no body notices it, isn't it?
Prefect: I swear if i see you around sneaking there, i am gonna bust you. Is the same to anybody!, nobody could enter to the Boiler Room without the keys. Behave, i am alwais watching you!. *floats away*
Bowser: So, how Busseli gets into such place without the keys?, there should be a way *thinks about it and looks up to the roof*. Why not?, the heating sistem is above here, if i find how to get into those rafters i will find the way to the boiler room
*Bowser goes upstairs and turns to the left and accidentaly crashes with a teacher, who is Mr. Jenkins*
Mr.Jenkins: Pardon me, it was my fault.
Bowser: Excuse me, Mr. Can i ask you a question?
Mr.Jenkins: Yes, what's is it?
Bowser: The heated air from the Boiler Rooms came from those raffters that are avobe our heads?
Mr.Jenkins:Right, it seems to be like that. Why are you asking that?
Bowser: Just curiousity.
Mr.Jenkins: Ask that to the Principal, he would tell you all about it.
Bowser : Mmmh ok *looks a pipe that cames out next to a trash bin, and there he sees if it's posible to climb it and reads a sign "Danger: hot when the boilers are on"

Bowser:It's spring, so the boilers are shut down. There's no problem

Bowser climbs the pipe and then he jumps over some lockers, then he runs and enters to a vent. He crawls along the way trying to find the way down to the boiler room but he is lost.

Bowser: *thinking* Where's the way to the boiler room? *sees a green pipe so Bowser gets in and apears in the boiler room, on a ledge over some boilers*. Here! *then he jumps down*
Bowser walks throught corridors that has boilers at both sides , then Bowser hears someone speaking
Voice: Who's that?
Bowser: First, who the hell are you?
Voice: Maybe you shouldn't know that.... *gets interrumped by another voice, is a girl's one*
Voice 2: HELP ME, PLEASE!! MY NAME IS CHIPPY! i had been kidnaped by a big bully!
Voice:Shut up Chippy!, you hadn't done my homework so suffer!
Bowser: Do you bully girls? you are a terrible coward and i am gonna teach you a lesson, whereever you are i am gonna find you!
Voice: Oh, can you ? i don't think it so!. In fact, taste some some steel!. I am Busselli, new kid. I am bullyies faction leader, and you are just a little rock in my way
Bowser: Sorry to say this but you are going down, i will be the new faction leader, do you know that!?
Chippy:He has a steel pipe, look out!
Bowser: Bwa ha ha, so you where you are?
Chippy: Incide a cage! please, set me free!
Busselli:Can you hear her?, but you couldn't find her, she is hidden somewhere here. *swings the steel pipe trying to hit Bowser's head but he jumps backwards*
Bowser does a dash punsh but Busselli flyes off over. Then Busselli wacks Bowser's shell
Bowser: UUURGH! my mom you!
Bowser gets into his shell and then he jumps doing a shell spin hitting Busselli
Bowser grabs Busselli's feet and then he tries to shove his horns into Busselli's body but Busselli shackes and Bowser falls over his shell. Then Busselly does an upside dash dive thowards Bowser
Bowser: Oh, you have tricks, eh? but i have tricks too! *rolls to a side and Busselli does an amazing faceplant*
Busselli: OW!, stupid mother sucker! you made me angry! *swings the steel pipe but Bowser grabs his wing that holds the steel pipe trying to make him drop it*
Bowser: You deserve this *punshes Busselli's face and grabs him then throws with all his strengh straight to a boiler* RAAAAAAWWRRRR!!!!
Busselli: UH OH!! MY .....* hits the boiler badly with his back then a lot of steam comes out from inside envolving Busselli* OH IT BURNS!! AARRGH ARRRGHH!!! NEW KID! TAKE ME OUT OF HERE!!!
Bowser: I can't get close even if i want it!, this is horrible *runs away to another corridor* Where is Chippy!!?
But busselli it's still screaming in a very painfull way, making sure that the steam it's cooking him
Bowser: Hold on!, i will try to stop this madness, try to stay out of the steam, and get away of there
Busselli: AAAAH AHHH *crawls outside from the steam* my body, my feathers! my skin!! it burns!!!
Bowser: It's gonna blow up! TAKE COVER!! *The boiler explodes damaging others and the explotion burst many pipes and makes Bowser fall*. HOLLY Chippy! where are you Chippy!?
Chippy: Over here!
Bowser: Keep talkin'!, i will find you!
Chippy: What about Busselli!?
Bowser:He didn't made it, no one could survive such explotion. *looks where the boiler exploded*. The heat melted some pipes and parts of some boilers, Busselli has been cooked alive, it seems
Chippy: YIKES!
Bowser: It's my fault but let's find you *looks up to a rafter and over it it's a cage with Chippy incide and it's far of there*
Chippy:HERE!! PLEASE!!! Those boilers seem that are going to blow up! *sounds the fire alarm*
Bowser:Some activated the fire alarm!, good! nothing can get so worse!
Then another boiler explodes, making cracks on the roof.
Bowser:The roof will colapse if those boilers keeps exploding and we will be buried alive here. Hold on Chippy!! i am going there!
Chippy: Shake a leg, please, quick!.
Bowser: Oh, you are there? *arrives where is Chippy but she is very far of Bowser's reach* it's a big height, i can reach the cage!
Chippy:Try to cash my cage, i am gonna hit the sides of the cage making it fall!
Bowser:OK, DO IT! quick. Or we will be cooked and served this night!

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default Chapter 3: part 2

Post by Chilean Count on Wed Mar 25, 2009 8:40 pm

*Then Chippy bounces against the cage bars making it fall and then Bowser catches it*
Bowser:I have you Chippy, let's get out of here!
Chippy:What about Busselli?
Busselli:*cames out from the steam badly burned* Heelp mee, my feathers and skin are falling apart!
Bowser: I look like a monster, and that's right but i am not going to leave someone die here. Wait, i am coming for you Busselli GRAARRGH!!!?
A bigger explotion involves Bowser and sents him to fly throught the roof with Chippy's cage on his hands
Bowser and Chippy:WHAAAA......! *Bowser and Chippy's cage lands on the middle of a corrider avobe the boiler room, Bowser get's unconcius and Chippy get's out of her broken cage*
Chippy:Thanks you, what's your name? hey hey heey!!!
Bowser is lying on the floor upside down and dosen't move
Chippy: Oh star spirits!
Then Crackletta, Francis and Fawfull apears walking towards Bowser and they stands arround him
Crackletta:Is dead?
Fawfull:Is unconcius
Francis: But Busselli didn't make it.
Crackletta: Are you sure that Bowser will be blamed for this?
Francis:Absoluttely. That's true like we are unite
Crackletta: Let's go away *goes away with Francis and Fawfull*
Chippy:Now how i can take him with me?

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default Re: Bowser: his highschool years (Bully parody)

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Chapter 4: Crackletta and more school's madness
Bowser: "When i woke up, i found my self in the infirmary at a bed with a pretty nurse next to me who was looking at me, at the same time she had checked my pulse. I felt dizzy and all that i did is ask that nurse how i get there"
Nurse: It was necesary an stretcher and 4 dragon koopas prefects to carry you here, my boy. You are luky to still alive
Bowser:What about Busselli?
Nurse:He has been rushed to the hospital, but he will be ok
Nurse:Chippy Stardust? she is fine, and she is glad to be here to see you
*Chippy enters*
Chippy: Hi, Bowser. How do you feel?
Bowser: I will be fine, i guess. It's my shell that hurts me a lot, and my body too
Nurse: Your "fire pipe" had been damaged in the accident. But it's not serious, you need to rest a bit more than usual but you can't attend classes.
Chippy:"Fire pipe"?
Nurse:It's like the exit of an organ that produces hydrogen mixed with air, that causes all the Koopa Dragons to breath fire.
Chippy:So he can't now
Nurse:For he's own sake. Or he would get an infection or something worse
Bowser: I have to stay here?
Nurse: by 9 days
Bowser: OW
Chippy: I will get all the homework to you, don't worry
Bowser: It's ok, please Chippy leave me rest.
Chippy:Bye Bowser!, take care!
Bowser: "Medication, pain killers, more medications then blood pressure check, incipid food ..bah! that's that i get for 9 damm days! i felt as a lab rat with doing my homework under medication effects, a drug junky would like that but me, i didn't enjoyed it at all!. In fact,it was painfull but those days passed quickly"
When Bowser recovered he went to his room and speaks with Jimmy Hophills how is doing his homework.
Jimmy: Did you had fun in the infirmary, huh?
Bowser:I am not in mood for jokes.
Jimmy:ok ok, don't be mad. Hey, Francis and Fawfull spreaded rumors about you in the school about what happened to Busselli. They say that you killed him.
Bowser:He is in the hospital badly injured but alive, there's nothing to be worried about.
Jimmy:Really? anyway you are not very popular now.
Bowser: What's new? something interesting happened in the school?
Jimmy: Crackletta it's ranking up in popularity due to her campain to make you look as a hoolygan and Francis it's just giving "Hate prince Bowser" flyiers.
Bowser: I knew that those dung-brained retards would do something like that. What do you suggest?
Jimmy: Go and take a look and see what's going on in the school's newspaper office. The flyers cames from there... if you destroy the typewriters, they won't be able to make more flyiers! but if some prefect or somebody else notices you, i am sure that they won't take it kindly.
Bowser: But doing that kind of flyiers it's kinda forbidden, isn it? so why the prefects don't bust them?
Jimmy: The Chief Prefect sayd something about that they are pretty bussy with other matters of dicipline than in those flyiers.
Bowser: Ok, i am leaving now. I think that i need back up if something get's wrong, would you go with me?
Jimmy: No, i wouldn't. I think it's better staying here. Good luck
Bowser:What a sissy you are!
Bowser gets out of the boy's dorm and goes to the main biulding towards the Newspaper office, and when he is close of there, he notices that there are studients with pancarts and some teachers trying to control the situation.
Someone: Bowser it's a hero!, he just get the rid of a bully!
Mr.Jenkins: Please, calm down and listen to me....
Some girl: Open the office, right now!
Bowser: Hey all of you, what's wrong here?. Someone can tell me what's going on?
Somebody: The school newspaper went crazy publishing rubbish about you, saying that you killed Busselli and so on
Somebody else: DOWN WITH BOWSER!, the eviliest bully of all!
Mr.Jenkins: The most terrible thing of all it's that the prefects dosen't really care about this situation!, now everthing it's breaking loose.
Bowser. I am gonna stop this madness, whatever it cost!
Mr.Jenkins: How?, well i don't care. I am just here to prevent something crazier.
Bowser:Get out of there, sir. For your sake, there's like 20 people on one.
Mr.Jenkins: You are very kind but i am not moving out of here, HEY!
Bowser pushes Mr.Jenkings away and punshes him in the belly
Mr.Jenkins: ARRGH right in my diaphragm!
Bowser: Listen to me everybody! that's really enough i am won't gonna take this so easy!. *takes down the Newspaper office door with a body slam*. Mr.Jenkins, call a prefect!. They have to listen to us right now or i will destroy all those typewriters!
Everyone: Hell yea, just destroy them right now!
Bowser: ..... that's not the point, guys. We have to stop everyone who is in charge of write all those stupid things about me.
Then Chippy apears
Chippy:Bowser!, everything it's going crazy. All the prefects are busy due a posible riot caused by Crackletta.
Bowser: Shocked
Chippy:The worse thing of all it's that Fawfull called the cops, i saw him.
Bowser: The police it's coming? but, there's any good news?
Chippy: No. Your parents are here doing a visit, if they see what's gonna happen, i guess that will be shocking to them
Bowser: Just right!, nothing can go so worse!. Can you distract them for a while?, tell them that you are my best friend or something like that.
Chippy:Understood! *floats away*
Bowser:Damm , what i will gonna do now?
some guys of the crowd: TAKE HIM DOWN!! GET BOWSER!
Bowser: Ok, that was fast Mad SHOWTIME!
two thugs grabs Bowser by the arms and then they start to punsh Bowser's belly
Bowser: Ow, cowards! *Bowser does a body slam some thugs making them to fly a bit, then he grabs one who is at his right* You will enjoy this! *throws him out of a window breaking it*
The others run for they lives while everybody is astonished looking at Bowser
Bowser:Who's next? no one? that's better!
Bowser: " Everything get worse at once, 3 prefects took me in front of my parents to face their anger and the punishment given by the Head Teacher himself. I had to scrub and clean all the toilets in the school, and that was very nasty. It took me like 3 hours plus additional homework. i decided to do a visit to Mrs.Charlotte in the kitchens"
Mrs.Charlotte: Why the angry face?
Bowser: *sigh* i hate this school!, tell me how to use my heart as a key to my magic powers, please.
Mrs.Charlotte: Even your parents didn't care about really what happened?, they didn't listened to you?
Bowser: Sandly.
Mrs.Charlotte: To get your magical powers is very hard but very interesting, you start to learn a lot about your self, and most of those things can be good or bad. *puts a hand on Bowser's head*
Bowser: What are you doing?.
Mrs.Charlotte: The first way is understand how you see the life, does it look bitter to you?
Bowser: Yeah, i want to control it to make it happier in my way.
Bowser:Do you think that beging the koopa prince is alwais fun?, not really. I am a future promise of the Koopa Klan Kingdom! as it, i have to follow my father steps and change them a bit for the next generation
MrsCharlotte: OH, kid, you are under a lot of pressure
Bowser: i spent my childhood going here and there and almost i had no enough time to play.
MrsCharlotte: Oh, my boy!
Bowser: Let's start with the basic, how to get my magical powers?

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default Re: Bowser: his highschool years (Bully parody)

Post by Chilean Count on Sat May 02, 2009 11:42 pm

Chapter 4 part 2: The key?
Bowser: " Mrs Charlotte took me to the Magic Teaching Room, in the 3th floor and she locked us inside there"
Mrs Charlotte: A true magician has powers without notice them at all, does extrange things happens to you at home?
Bowser: Once upon time i don't know how i did broke a telephone without touching it or think about it, my father was really angry and confused at the same time that he belived that an evil ghost did it but my mother seemed to understood what happened exactly, she looked at me with a nice smile.
Mrs Charlotte: The pure manifestation of your magical powers, you were angry for something?
Bowser: My dad punished me before that situation because i took this folders with law proyects inside
Mrs.Charlotte: The first easy magic trick it's to levitate things, let's try with this piece of blank paper * makes apear one and shows it to Bowser*
Bowser: So?
Mrs. Charlotte:Try to focus in it, then think to make it float and make it follow a way
Bowser tryes to make it fly but it shook a bit
Mrs.Charlotte:It's a nice start, try it again.
Bowser: You are sure that i am doing it?
Mrs.Charlotte: Focus on the paper, don't talk!
Bowser makes the paper levitate a bit at first but it goes up so fast that crashes with the room and sets on fire
Mrs.Charlotte:It will take more practice, so keep doing it *the paper turns into ashes and them falls over the classroom* but it was OK!, but don't set it on fire again.
Bowser: Ok, what's "the key of my heart"?
Mrs.Charlotte:It's a very complicated topic. *Sits down on a chair and looks at Bowser* It's all about the feelings and the mind-power on the elements that has to do with the understanding of magic. Well in fewer words, magic it's a very complex subject and only true wizards and witches can study easily such subject and you fit perfectly, you are son of a wizard and of a witch..... so it won't be so difficult to you. I met your parents when they where young.
Bowser: I didn't knew that.
Mrs Charlotte:They looked so cute together in such days here in the school and many things changed since, the actual Head's uncle Bim Klod sent all the prestige and brillant future to the trash with accepting pauper no-wizard people and his little nephew followed his steps, Mr. Spikeson himself.
Bowser:He?, the nephew of who was the Head when my parents STUDIED HERE!?
Mrs Charlotte: Yes.
Mrs Charlotte: It's time to take that looser out of here, but i need your help. We have the whole year to do that, or at least try it.
Bowser:But how?, i don't even know my powers!
Mrs.Charlotte:Be patient, boy. Just be patient
Bowser: I am trying to take control of the school, have all the studients and classmates under my watch and have respect from them.
Mrs.Charlotte: Go and talk with the Chief Prefect, he isn't the person that you think he is. He is corrupt
Bowser:Really? should i visit him now?
Mrs.Charlotte:Why not? *opens the classroom's door*
Bowser walks to the Chief Prefect office but in the way a yoshi prefect sees him and shouts
Prefect:You aren't in class?!, go to yooooour math's class right now *chases Bowser*
Bowser: *Punshes the prefect in the mouth, and poundcakes him* Never, but even never mess with the Koopa Prince. Idiot
Then 3 prefects runs on Bowser but he does a spin attack
Bowser: Loosers! *The prefects jumps on Bowser but he dodges them and runs away*
Prefect: You are busted, do you understand?, BUSTED!
Bowser:Give it up, chumps. Becouse I won't be busted by yoou, jerks! *punshes a prefect and knocks him out*
Bowser:One of you are defeated, now the next please! *the other prefects pushes Bowser to the ground and busts him*
Bowser is delivered to the Chief Prefect's office and is pushed inside
Chief Prefect:Struggling again with the prefects, don't you?. You deserve a punishment off course, rub all the toilets and make 20 beds in the boys dorm!
Bowser:Mrs. Charlotte send me here to ask you something, can you give me a shady job?
Chief Prefect:Shady job? what are you talking about? oohh right. Bussiness are bussines. I can give you a job. You are suitable to this kind of things, don't you?.
Bowser:All right.
Chief Prefect: Yesterday, Mr.Squarehead scratched my car afther a discussion, i think that it's time to pay back. Go to the gym, get a baseball bat and smash his car this night.
I can distract the prefects making them do other things but not the police, so be carefull aahh here you got an spray can, spray the car too!
Bowser: Car smashing? Bwa ha ha, smashing!
Chief Prefect:That's too loud!, be quiet
Bowser goes to the maths class
Mr.Squarehead: Oh, you are here my boy, don't you?. Sit down!. Can someone hit him 'cos he is late?
some jock:I can do that! *walks towards Bowser*
Bowser: *The jock tryies to punsh him but Bowser brokens the jock's arm*
Jock: my arm! *cryies while grabbing his arm*
Bowser: You Mr.Squarehead!, you are fucked up

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